Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

Thus spake Eliezer:

A Munchkin is the sort of per­son who, faced with a role-play­ing game, reads through the rule­books over and over un­til he finds a way to com­bine three in­nocu­ous-seem­ing mag­i­cal items into a cy­cle of in­finite wish spells. Or who, in real life, com­poses a sur­pris­ingly effec­tive diet out of drink­ing a quar­ter-cup of ex­tra-light olive oil at least one hour be­fore and af­ter tast­ing any­thing else. Or com­bines liquid ni­tro­gen and an­tifreeze and life-in­surance poli­cies into a ridicu­lously cheap method of defeat­ing the in­vin­cible specter of un­avoid­able Death. Or figures out how to build the real-life ver­sion of the cy­cle of in­finite wish spells.

It seems that many here might have out­landish ideas for ways of im­prov­ing our lives. For in­stance, a re­cent post ad­vo­cated in­stal­ling re­ally bright lights as a way to boost alert­ness and pro­duc­tivity. We should not adopt such hacks into our dogma un­til we’re pretty sure they work; how­ever, one way of know­ing whether a crazy idea works is to try im­ple­ment­ing it, and you may have more ideas than you’re plan­ning to im­ple­ment.

So: please post all such life­hack ideas! Even if you haven’t tried them, even if they seem un­likely to work. Post them sep­a­rately, un­less some other way would be more ap­pro­pri­ate. If you’ve tried some idea and it hasn’t worked, it would be use­ful to post that too.