The First Filter

26 Nov 2022 19:37 UTC
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Re­spect­ing your Lo­cal Preferences

Scott Garrabrant26 Nov 2022 19:04 UTC
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[Question] Opinions on the sleep synap­tic home­osta­sis hy­poth­e­sis?

Angela Pretorius26 Nov 2022 19:01 UTC
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Why square er­rors?

Aprillion (Peter Hozák)26 Nov 2022 13:40 UTC
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[Question] As­sum­ing that at least one re­li­gion is true, what would you ex­pect it to be?

risedive26 Nov 2022 8:34 UTC
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Three Align­ment Schemas & Their Problems

Shoshannah Tekofsky26 Nov 2022 4:25 UTC
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The many types of blog posts

Adam Zerner26 Nov 2022 3:57 UTC
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New Fron­tiers in Mojibake

Adam Scherlis26 Nov 2022 2:37 UTC
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Pod­cast: Shoshan­nah Tekofsky on skil­ling up in AI safety, vis­it­ing Berkeley, and de­vel­op­ing novel re­search ideas

Akash25 Nov 2022 20:47 UTC
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[Question] What AI newslet­ters or sub­stacks about AI do you recom­mend?

wunan25 Nov 2022 19:29 UTC
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Mechanis­tic anomaly de­tec­tion and ELK

paulfchristiano25 Nov 2022 18:50 UTC
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The Least Con­tro­ver­sial Ap­pli­ca­tion of Geo­met­ric Rationality

Scott Garrabrant25 Nov 2022 16:50 UTC
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Planes are still decades away from dis­plac­ing most bird jobs

guzey25 Nov 2022 16:49 UTC
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Take part in our gi­ant study of cog­ni­tive abil­ities and get a cus­tomized re­port of your strengths and weak­nesses!

spencerg25 Nov 2022 16:28 UTC
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Guardian AI (Misal­igned sys­tems are all around us.)

Jessica Cooper25 Nov 2022 15:55 UTC
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In­tu­itions by ML re­searchers may get pro­gres­sively worse con­cern­ing likely can­di­dates for trans­for­ma­tive AI

Viktor Rehnberg25 Nov 2022 15:49 UTC
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Refin­ing the Sharp Left Turn threat model, part 2: ap­ply­ing al­ign­ment techniques

25 Nov 2022 14:36 UTC
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[Question] Who holds all the USDT?

ChristianKl25 Nov 2022 11:58 UTC
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Fair Col­lec­tive Effi­cient Altruism

Jobst Heitzig25 Nov 2022 9:38 UTC
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[Question] If hu­man­ity one day dis­cov­ers that it is a form of dis­ease that threat­ens to de­stroy the uni­verse, should it al­low it­self to be shut down?

shminux25 Nov 2022 8:27 UTC
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