Repository repository

A few weeks ago, Adele_L suggested that the repositories were underutilized and looked for suggestions on how to improve that. In that spirit, I added the following links to the Special Threads wiki page.

Solved Problems Repository—A collection of “solved problems in instrumental rationality.”
Useful Concepts Repository—A collection of concepts that Less Wrong users have “found particularly useful for understanding the world.”
Boring Advice Repository—A collection of advice that is optimized for helpfulness rather than depth of insight.
Useful Questions Repository—Questions that are useful to keep in mind in various situations.
Bad Concepts Repository—A collection of useless or harmful concepts
Grad Student Advice Repository—A collection of advice for graduate students.
Textbook Repository—The Best Textbooks on Every Subject
Reference repository—List of references and resources for LessWrong
Procedural Knowledge Gaps—How to do things that are “common sense” but that you may not know.
Mistakes Repository—A list of life-course altering mistakes that LW members have made.
Good things to have learned—A collection of skills and life lessons LWers have learned
Financial Effectiveness Repository—Tips for maximizing financial returns on (not necessarily market) investments.

In a similar vein, there is also a wiki page for the LessWrong Communities How-To’s and Recommendations.

If there are other repositories that I’ve missed or a better way to collect these things, please link to it in a top level comment so that I get a direct message. A year and a half after this was originally posted, I still get suggestions and still add them or explain why I don’t add them.

Edit: Added a few more to the list.