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Are most per­son­al­ity di­s­or­ders re­ally trust di­s­or­ders?

chaosmage6 Feb 2024 12:37 UTC
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In­side View, Out­side View… And Op­pos­ing View

chaosmage20 Dec 2023 12:35 UTC
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You should just smile at strangers a lot

chaosmage25 Sep 2023 20:12 UTC
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Why “AI al­ign­ment” would bet­ter be re­named into “Ar­tifi­cial In­ten­tion re­search”

chaosmage15 Jun 2023 10:32 UTC
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Let’s build a fire alarm for AGI

chaosmage15 May 2023 9:16 UTC
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10 great rea­sons why Lex Frid­man should in­vite Eliezer and Robin to re-do the FOOM de­bate on his podcast

chaosmage10 May 2023 8:27 UTC
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