[Question] How do you feel about LessWrong these days? [Open feedback thread]

Hello! This is jacobjacob from the LessWrong /​ Lightcone team.

This is a meta thread for you to share any thoughts, feelings, feedback or other stuff about LessWrong, that’s been on your mind.

Examples of things you might share:

  • “I really like agree/​disagree voting!”

  • “What’s up with all this Dialogues stuff? It’s confusing…

  • “Hm… it seems like recently the vibe on the site has changed somehow… in particular [insert 10 paragraphs]”

...or anything else!

The point of this thread is to give you an affordance to share anything that’s been on your mind, in a place where you know that a team member will be listening.

(We’re a small team and have to prioritise what we work on, so I of course don’t promise to action everything mentioned here. But I will at least listen to all of it!)

I haven’t seen any public threads like this for a while. Maybe there’s a lot of boiling feelings out there about the site that never get voiced? Or maybe y’all don’t have more to share than what I find out from just reading normal comments, posts, metrics, and Intercom comments? Well, here’s one way to find out! I’m really curious to ask and see how people feel about the site.

So, how do you feel about LessWrong these days? Feel free to leave your answers below.