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I’ve been a LessWrong or­ga­nizer since 2011, with roughly equal fo­cus on the cul­tural, prac­ti­cal and in­tel­lec­tual as­pects of the com­mu­nity. My first pro­ject was cre­at­ing the Sec­u­lar Sols­tice and helping groups across the world run their own ver­sion of it. More re­cently I’ve been in­ter­ested in im­prov­ing my own epistemic stan­dards and helping oth­ers to do so as well.

Sun­day Oc­to­ber 18, 12:00PM (PT) — Gar­den Party

17 Oct 2020 19:36 UTC
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Sun­day Meetup: Work­shop on On­line Sur­veys with Spencer Green­berg

Raemon2 Oct 2020 0:34 UTC
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