Roman Leventov

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An independent researcher/​blogger/​philosopher about intelligence and agency (esp. Active Inference), alignment, ethics, interaction of the AI transition with the sociotechnical risks (epistemics, economics, human psychology), collective mind architecture, research strategy and methodology.

Twitter: https://​​​​leventov. E-mail: (the preferred mode of communication). I’m open to collaborations and work.

Presentations at meetups, workshops and conferences, some recorded videos.

I’m a founding member of the Gaia Consoritum, on a mission to create a global, decentralised system for collective sense-making and decision-making, i.e., civilisational intelligence. Drop me a line if you want to learn more about it and/​or join the consoritum.

You can help to boost my sense of accountability and give me a feeling that my work is valued by becoming a paid subscriber of my Substack (though I don’t post anything paywalled; in fact, on this blog, I just syndicate my LessWrong writing).

For Russian speakers: русскоязычная сеть по безопасности ИИ, Telegram group.

From Con­cep­tual Spaces to Quan­tum Con­cepts: For­mal­is­ing and Learn­ing Struc­tured Con­cep­tual Models

Roman Leventov6 Feb 2024 10:18 UTC
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AI al­ign­ment as a trans­la­tion problem

Roman Leventov5 Feb 2024 14:14 UTC
21 points
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[Question] Work­shop (hackathon, res­i­dence pro­gram, etc.) about for-profit AI Safety pro­jects?

Roman Leventov26 Jan 2024 9:49 UTC
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In­sti­tu­tional eco­nomics through the lens of scale-free reg­u­la­tive de­vel­op­ment, mor­pho­gen­e­sis, and cog­ni­tive science

Roman Leventov23 Jan 2024 19:42 UTC
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Gaia Net­work: An Illus­trated Primer

18 Jan 2024 18:23 UTC
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Wor­ri­some mi­s­un­der­stand­ing of the core is­sues with AI transition

Roman Leventov18 Jan 2024 10:05 UTC
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