Stephen Fowler

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[Question] What are the best pub­lished pa­pers from out­side the al­ign­ment com­mu­nity that are rele­vant to Agent Foun­da­tions?

Stephen Fowler5 Aug 2023 3:02 UTC
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Ate­liers: But what is an Ate­lier?

Stephen Fowler1 Jul 2023 5:57 UTC
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Ate­liers: Motivation

Stephen Fowler27 Jun 2023 13:07 UTC
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Scaf­folded LLMs: Less Ob­vi­ous Concerns

Stephen Fowler16 Jun 2023 10:39 UTC
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[Question] What do benefi­cial TDT trades for hu­man­ity con­cretely look like?

Stephen Fowler10 Jun 2023 6:50 UTC
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