the gears to ascenscion

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I read/​watch lots of stuff shallowly, then share it; if you can do better with my links, open them and use them to seed your better lit review. self-taught, I’m often missing basic concepts; but, I do not defer on timelines. lately i’ve been dumbass 2 out of 8 in the comments often. speed up safe capabilities, slow down unsafe capabilities; don’t slow down safe capabilities, wtf! some current favorite links:

about me:

make all safe faster. end bit rot. forget no non-totalizing aesthetic’s soul.

(also, I type primarily with talon voice recognition, patreon-funded freeware which I love and recommend for voice coding; while it’s quite good, apologies for trivial typos!)

Call for sub­mis­sions: “(In)hu­man Values and Ar­tifi­cial Agency”, ALIFE 2023

the gears to ascenscion30 Jan 2023 17:37 UTC
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List of links: For­mal Meth­ods, Embed­ded Agency, 3d world mod­els, and some tools

the gears to ascenscion23 Jan 2023 18:21 UTC
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