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My current research interests:
- alignment in systems which are complex and messy, composed of both humans and AIs?
- actually good mathematized theories of cooperation and coordination
- active inference
- bounded rationality

Research at Alignment of Complex Systems Research Group (, Centre for Theoretical Studies, Charles University in Prague. Formerly research fellow Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University

Previously I was a researcher in physics, studying phase transitions, network science and complex systems.

The Liv­ing Planet In­dex: A Case Study in Statis­ti­cal Pitfalls

Jan_Kulveit24 Jun 2024 10:05 UTC
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An­nounc­ing Hu­man-al­igned AI Sum­mer School

22 May 2024 8:55 UTC
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In­terLab – a toolkit for ex­per­i­ments with multi-agent interactions

22 Jan 2024 18:23 UTC
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