AI Align­ment Fieldbuilding

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AI Alignment Fieldbuilding is the effort to improve the alignment ecosystem. Some priorities include introducing new people to the importance of AI risk, on-boarding them by connecting them with key resources and ideas, educating them on existing literature and methods for generating new and valuable research, supporting people who are contributing, and maintaining and improving the funding systems.

There is an invite-only Slack for people working on the alignment ecosystem. If you’d like to join message plex with an overview of your involvement.

The in­or­di­nately slow spread of good AGI con­ver­sa­tions in ML

Rob Bensinger21 Jun 2022 16:09 UTC
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Tran­scripts of in­ter­views with AI researchers

Vael Gates9 May 2022 5:57 UTC
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[Question] What are all the AI Align­ment and AI Safety Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Hubs?

Gunnar_Zarncke15 Jun 2022 16:16 UTC
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[Question] If there was a mil­len­nium equiv­a­lent prize for AI al­ign­ment, what would the prob­lems be?

Yair Halberstadt9 Jun 2022 16:56 UTC
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If no near-term al­ign­ment strat­egy, re­search should aim for the long-term

harsimony9 Jun 2022 19:10 UTC
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Re­sources I send to AI re­searchers about AI safety

Vael Gates14 Jun 2022 2:24 UTC
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Slow mo­tion videos as AI risk in­tu­ition pumps

Andrew_Critch14 Jun 2022 19:31 UTC
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Slide deck: In­tro­duc­tion to AI Safety

Aryeh Englander29 Jan 2020 15:57 UTC
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On pre­sent­ing the case for AI risk

Aryeh Englander9 Mar 2022 1:41 UTC
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Align­ment re­search for “meta” purposes

acylhalide16 Jun 2022 14:03 UTC
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A Quick List of Some Prob­lems in AI Align­ment As A Field

NicholasKross21 Jun 2022 23:23 UTC
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[LQ] Some Thoughts on Mes­sag­ing Around AI Risk

𝕮𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖗𝖆25 Jun 2022 13:53 UTC
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