Igor Ivanov

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I am a psychotherapist helping people working on AI safety.
Check out my website to learn more about me or book a session.

If you would like to discuss with me other ways to get professional help, you can also book a short call on my website.

I also make community events for senior AI governance specialists.

Let’s talk about Im­pos­tor syn­drome in AI safety

Igor Ivanov22 Sep 2023 13:51 UTC
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Im­pend­ing AGI doesn’t make ev­ery­thing else unim­por­tant.

Igor Ivanov4 Sep 2023 12:34 UTC
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6 non-ob­vi­ous men­tal health is­sues spe­cific to AI safety

Igor Ivanov18 Aug 2023 15:46 UTC
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What is ev­ery­one do­ing in AI governance

Igor Ivanov8 Jul 2023 15:16 UTC
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A cou­ple of ques­tions about Con­jec­ture’s Cog­ni­tive Emu­la­tion proposal

Igor Ivanov11 Apr 2023 14:05 UTC
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