Ethan Perez(Ethan Perez)

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I’m a Ph.D. student doing research on Natural Language Processing.

My research focuses on developing question-answering methods that generalize to harder questions than we have supervision for. Learning from human examples (supervised learning) won’t scale to these kinds of questions, so I am investigating other paradigms that recursively break down harder questions into simpler ones (i.e., Debate and Iterated Amplification). Check out my website for more information about me/​my research: http://​​​​

In­tro­duc­ing the Fund for Align­ment Re­search (We’re Hiring!)

6 Jul 2022 2:07 UTC
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An­nounc­ing the In­verse Scal­ing Prize ($250k Prize Pool)

27 Jun 2022 15:58 UTC
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RL with KL penalties is bet­ter seen as Bayesian inference

25 May 2022 9:23 UTC
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