Cameron Berg

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Hi! I am currently a senior at Yale doing cognitive neuroscience research. I focus on the computational modeling of human reinforcement learning and individual differences in decision-making. I was a Machine Learning Alignment Theory Scholar (“MATS”) working under Evan Hubinger through the Stanford Existential Risks Initiative.

Com­pu­ta­tional sig­na­tures of psychopathy

Cameron Berg19 Dec 2022 17:01 UTC
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AI re­searchers an­nounce Neu­roAI agenda

Cameron Berg24 Oct 2022 0:14 UTC
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Align­ment via proso­cial brain algorithms

Cameron Berg12 Sep 2022 13:48 UTC
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Paradigm-build­ing: Con­clu­sion and prac­ti­cal takeaways

Cameron Berg15 Feb 2022 16:11 UTC
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Ques­tion 5: The timeline hyperparameter

Cameron Berg14 Feb 2022 16:38 UTC
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