Aryeh Englander

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I work on applied mathematics and AI at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. I also do AI safety related work for the Johns Hopkins Institute for Assured Autonomy. I am currently doing a CS PhD focused on AI safety at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

[Question] Is MIRI’s read­ing list up to date?

Aryeh Englander11 Sep 2021 18:56 UTC
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[Ex­ter­nal Event] 2022 IEEE Con­fer­ence on As­sured Au­ton­omy (ICAA)

Aryeh Englander8 Sep 2021 16:31 UTC
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[Question] Im­prov­ing ra­tio­nal­ity /​ scout mind­set on a de­bate group

Aryeh Englander4 Sep 2021 17:02 UTC
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NIST AI Risk Man­age­ment Frame­work re­quest for in­for­ma­tion (RFI)

Aryeh Englander1 Sep 2021 0:15 UTC
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Model­ling Trans­for­ma­tive AI Risks (MTAIR) Pro­ject: Introduction

16 Aug 2021 7:12 UTC
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[Question] How would the Scal­ing Hy­poth­e­sis change things?

Aryeh Englander13 Aug 2021 15:42 UTC
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[Question] Pros and cons of work­ing on near-term tech­ni­cal AI safety and assurance

Aryeh Englander17 Jun 2021 20:17 UTC
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[Question] List of good AI safety pro­ject ideas?

Aryeh Englander26 May 2021 22:36 UTC
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[Link] Whit­tle­stone et al., The So­cietal Im­pli­ca­tions of Deep Re­in­force­ment Learning

Aryeh Englander10 Mar 2021 18:13 UTC
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In­sti­tute for As­sured Au­ton­omy (IAA) newsletter

Aryeh Englander11 Feb 2021 21:48 UTC
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