Martín Soto

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Mathematical Logic graduate student, interested in AI Safety research for ethical reasons.

[Question] En­rich­ing Youtube con­tent recommendations

Martín Soto27 Sep 2022 16:54 UTC
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An is­sue with MacAskill’s Ev­i­den­tial­ist’s Wager

Martín Soto21 Sep 2022 22:02 UTC
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Gen­eral ad­vice for tran­si­tion­ing into The­o­ret­i­cal AI Safety

Martín Soto15 Sep 2022 5:23 UTC
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Align­ment be­ing im­pos­si­ble might be bet­ter than it be­ing re­ally difficult

Martín Soto25 Jul 2022 23:57 UTC
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[Question] Which one of these two aca­demic routes should I take to end up in AI Safety?

Martín Soto3 Jul 2022 1:05 UTC
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