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Eli’s re­view of “Is power-seek­ing AI an ex­is­ten­tial risk?”

elifland30 Sep 2022 12:21 UTC
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Quan­tified In­tu­itions: An epistemics train­ing web­site in­clud­ing a new EA-themed cal­ibra­tion app

20 Sep 2022 22:25 UTC
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Prize idea: Trans­mit MIRI and Eliezer’s worldviews

elifland19 Sep 2022 21:21 UTC
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[Question] Fore­cast­ing thread: How does AI risk level vary based on timelines?

elifland14 Sep 2022 23:56 UTC
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Samotsvety’s AI risk forecasts

elifland9 Sep 2022 4:01 UTC
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