Xander Davies

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I’m a senior at Harvard, where I run the Harvard AI Safety Team (HAIST). I also do research with David Krueger’s lab at Cambridge University.

Ap­ply to HAIST/​MAIA’s AI Gover­nance Work­shop in DC (Feb 17-20)

31 Jan 2023 2:06 UTC
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AGISF adap­ta­tion for in-per­son groups

13 Jan 2023 3:24 UTC
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Up­date on Har­vard AI Safety Team and MIT AI Alignment

2 Dec 2022 0:56 UTC
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Recom­mend HAIST re­sources for as­sess­ing the value of RLHF-re­lated al­ign­ment research

5 Nov 2022 20:58 UTC
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Ap­ply to the Red­wood Re­search Mechanis­tic In­ter­pretabil­ity Ex­per­i­ment (REMIX), a re­search pro­gram in Berkeley

27 Oct 2022 1:32 UTC
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GD’s Im­plicit Bias on Separable Data

Xander Davies17 Oct 2022 4:13 UTC
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