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I am a student in Philosophy and AI, with a particular interest in philosophy of science, political philosophy, philosophy of mind, complex systems studies and active inference—as they pertain to AI risk, governance and alignment. More generally, I am interested in what we can learn from the study of intelligent behaviour in currently existing, natural systems (across scales and substrates) towards questions as to the nature, behaviour and risks related to future AI systems.

I have a background in International Relations, and spend large parts of of 2017-2019 doing complex systems inspired research on understanding group decision making and political processes with the aim of building towards an appropriate framework for “Longterm Governance”. I am interested in how (bounded) minds make sense of and navigate a (complex) world (rationality, critical thinking, etc.) and have experience some experience in research organization, among others from working at FHI, CHERI, Epistea, etc.

An­nounc­ing “Key Phenom­ena in AI Risk” (fa­cil­i­tated read­ing group)

9 May 2023 0:31 UTC
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The space of sys­tems and the space of maps

22 Mar 2023 14:59 UTC
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An­nounc­ing the 2023 PIBBSS Sum­mer Re­search Fellowship

12 Jan 2023 21:31 UTC
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Reflec­tions on the PIBBSS Fel­low­ship 2022

11 Dec 2022 21:53 UTC
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In­ter­nal com­mu­ni­ca­tion framework

15 Nov 2022 12:41 UTC
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Maps and Blueprint; the Two Sides of the Align­ment Equation

Nora_Ammann25 Oct 2022 16:29 UTC
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In­tel­li­gent be­havi­our across sys­tems, scales and substrates

Nora_Ammann21 Oct 2022 17:09 UTC
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PIBBSS (AI al­ign­ment) is hiring for a Pro­ject Manager

Nora_Ammann19 Sep 2022 13:54 UTC
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AI al­ign­ment as “nav­i­gat­ing the space of in­tel­li­gent be­havi­our”

Nora_Ammann23 Aug 2022 13:28 UTC
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Epistemic Arte­facts of (con­cep­tual) AI al­ign­ment research

19 Aug 2022 17:18 UTC
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[Ex­tended Dead­line: Jan 23rd] An­nounc­ing the PIBBSS Sum­mer Re­search Fellowship

Nora_Ammann18 Dec 2021 16:56 UTC
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The role of tribes in achiev­ing last­ing im­pact and how to cre­ate them

29 Sep 2021 20:48 UTC
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