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I’m more active on Twitter than LW/​AF these days: https://​​​​DavidSKrueger

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I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Cambridge and a member of Cambridge’s Computational and Biological Learning lab (CBL). My research group focuses on Deep Learning, AI Alignment, and AI safety. I’m broadly interested in work (including in areas outside of Machine Learning, e.g. AI governance) that could reduce the risk of human extinction (“x-risk”) resulting from out-of-control AI systems. Particular interests include:

Test­ing for con­se­quence-blind­ness in LLMs us­ing the HI-ADS unit test.

David Scott Krueger (formerly: capybaralet)24 Nov 2023 23:35 UTC
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“Pub­lish or Per­ish” (a quick note on why you should try to make your work leg­ible to ex­ist­ing aca­demic com­mu­ni­ties)

David Scott Krueger (formerly: capybaralet)18 Mar 2023 19:01 UTC
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