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“A Muggle security expert would have called it fence-post security, like building a fence-post over a hundred metres high in the middle of the desert. Only a very obliging attacker would try to climb the fence-post. Anyone sensible would just walk around the fence-post, and making the fence-post even higher wouldn’t stop that.” —HPMOR, Ch. 115

(Not to be confused with the Trevor who works at Open Phil)

[Linkpost] Prac­ti­cally-A-Book Re­view: Root­claim $100,000 Lab Leak Debate

trevor28 Mar 2024 16:03 UTC
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[Linkpost] Vague Ver­biage in Forecasting

trevor22 Mar 2024 18:05 UTC
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Trans­for­ma­tive trust­build­ing via ad­vance­ments in de­cen­tral­ized lie detection

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