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This is Dr. Andrew Critch’s professional LessWrong account. Andrew is the CEO of Encultured AI, and works for ~1 day/​week as a Research Scientist at the Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI) at UC Berkeley. He also spends around a ½ day per week volunteering for other projects like the Berkeley Existential Risk initiative and the Survival and Flourishing Fund. Andrew earned his Ph.D. in mathematics at UC Berkeley studying applications of algebraic geometry to machine learning models. During that time, he cofounded the Center for Applied Rationality and SPARC. Dr. Critch has been offered university faculty and research positions in mathematics, mathematical biosciences, and philosophy, worked as an algorithmic stock trader at Jane Street Capital’s New York City office, and as a Research Fellow at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. His current research interests include logical uncertainty, open source game theory, and mitigating race dynamics between companies and nations in AI development.

New con­trac­tor role: Web se­cu­rity task force con­trac­tor for AI safety announcements

9 Oct 2023 18:36 UTC
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Con­scious­ness as a con­fla­tion­ary al­li­ance term for in­trin­si­cally val­ued in­ter­nal experiences

Andrew_Critch10 Jul 2023 8:09 UTC
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TASRA: A Tax­on­omy and Anal­y­sis of So­cietal-Scale Risks from AI

Andrew_Critch13 Jun 2023 5:04 UTC
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My May 2023 pri­ori­ties for AI x-safety: more em­pa­thy, more unifi­ca­tion of con­cerns, and less vil­ifi­ca­tion of OpenAI

Andrew_Critch24 May 2023 0:02 UTC
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Job Open­ing: SWE to help build sig­na­ture vet­ting sys­tem for AI-re­lated petitions

20 May 2023 19:02 UTC
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GPT can write Quines now (GPT-4)

Andrew_Critch14 Mar 2023 19:18 UTC
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Acausal normalcy

Andrew_Critch3 Mar 2023 23:34 UTC
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Payor’s Lemma in Nat­u­ral Language

Andrew_Critch2 Mar 2023 12:22 UTC
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