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Ad­ver­sar­ial train­ing, im­por­tance sam­pling, and anti-ad­ver­sar­ial train­ing for AI whistleblowing

Buck2 Jun 2022 23:48 UTC
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The pro­to­typ­i­cal catas­trophic AI ac­tion is get­ting root ac­cess to its datacenter

Buck2 Jun 2022 23:46 UTC
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The case for be­com­ing a black-box in­ves­ti­ga­tor of lan­guage models

Buck6 May 2022 14:35 UTC
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Ap­ply to the sec­ond iter­a­tion of the ML for Align­ment Boot­camp (MLAB 2) in Berkeley [Aug 15 - Fri Sept 2]

Buck6 May 2022 4:23 UTC
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