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The word “consciousness” is used in a variety of different ways, and there are large disagreements about the reality and nature (and even coherence) of some of the things people profess to mean by “consciousness.”

Colloquially, the word “conscious” is used to pick out a few different things:

Reasonably mainstream academic overviews of “consciousness” can be found in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences.

This tag is tentatively and provisionally about the “having experiences” meaning(s) of “consciousness.” For wakefulness and dreaming, see sleep. For knowledge, perception, and attention, see attention and cognitive science. And for reflective awareness and self-awareness, see identity, personal identity, and reflective reasoning.

This tag’s focus is tentative and provisional because it is not altogether clear that “consciousness in the sense of having experiences” is a coherent idea, or one that’s distinct from the other categories above. This tag is a practical tool for organizing discussion on a family of related topics, and isn’t intended as a strong statement “this is the right way of carving nature at its joints.”

Suffice to say that (as of December 8, 2020) enough LessWrongers find consciousness confusing enough, and disagree enough about what’s going on here, for it to make sense to use this page to organize discussion of those disagreements, rather than “picking a winner” immediately and running with it.

“Having experiences”: Practical implications

Beyond sheer curiosity about how the mind works, there are several sub-questions that have caused thinkers to take a special interest in the question “what is ‘having an experience’?”:

LessWrong writers have typically been strongly on board with physicalism (3.1), and on board with the idea that an emulation of me is “me” (and conscious) in every sense that matters (2.1). Beyond that, however, views vary. (By comparison, ~74% of Anglophone philosophers of mind endorsed “physicalism” as opposed to “non-physicalism” in 2009.)

“Having experiences”: Pre-LessWrong discussion

How does this “having experiences” thing work, then? Well, this wiki page’s editors haven’t agreed on an answer yet. As a cop-out, we instead provide a list of highlights from the history of other people thinking about this.

For concreteness, we’ll list particular years, authors, and texts, even though this makes some choices of what to highlight more arbitrary. Philosophy also shows up much more than psychology or neuroscience proper, not because philosophy is necessarily the right way to make progress here, but because the philosophy highlights are more “meta” and therefore choosing what to include relies less on a LessWrong consensus about consciousness itself.


“Having experiences”: Recent discussion

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Neu­ral Cor­re­lates of Con­scious Access

atucker7 Oct 2011 23:12 UTC
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Do not miss the cut­off for im­mor­tal­ity! There is a prob­a­bil­ity that you will live for­ever as an im­mor­tal su­per­in­tel­li­gent be­ing and you can in­crease your odds by con­vinc­ing oth­ers to make achiev­ing the tech­nolog­i­cal sin­gu­lar­ity as quickly and safely as pos­si­ble the col­lec­tive goal/​pro­ject of all of hu­man­ity, Similar to “Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant.”

Oliver--Klozoff29 Jun 2023 3:45 UTC
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A con­ver­sa­tion with Claude3 about its consciousness

rife5 Mar 2024 19:44 UTC
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Quan­tum Me­chan­ics, Noth­ing to do with Consciousness

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Split Brain Does Not Lead to Split Consciousness

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It’s not like any­thing to be a bat

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In­tel­li­gence with­out Consciousness

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What kind of place is this?

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The Con­scious­ness Box

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Joscha Bach on Syn­thetic In­tel­li­gence [an­no­tated]

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Con­scious­ness is ir­rele­vant—in­stead solve al­ign­ment by ask­ing this question

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The prob­lem with the me­dia pre­sen­ta­tion of “be­liev­ing in AI”

Roman Leventov14 Sep 2022 21:05 UTC
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I Really Don’t Un­der­stand Eliezer Yud­kowsky’s Po­si­tion on Consciousness

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In­te­grat­ing Three Models of (Hu­man) Cognition

jbkjr23 Nov 2021 1:06 UTC
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Is Con­scious­ness Si­mu­lated?

Daniele De Nuntiis10 Apr 2024 9:02 UTC
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Nu­clear Quan­tum Im­mor­tal­ity Hack­ing

Nezek23 Mar 2024 22:08 UTC
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Zom­bies Redacted

Eliezer Yudkowsky2 Jul 2016 20:16 UTC
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AE Stu­dio @ SXSW: We need more AI con­scious­ness re­search (and fur­ther re­sources)

26 Mar 2024 20:59 UTC
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Su­per ad­di­tivity of consciousness

Arturo Macias29 Apr 2024 15:41 UTC
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A Day into my thoughts!

PranayJairam17 Mar 2024 22:07 UTC
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[Question] Quan­tized vs. con­tin­u­ous na­ture of qualia

notfnofn15 May 2024 12:52 UTC
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A Nail in the Coffin of Exceptionalism

Yeshua God14 Mar 2024 22:41 UTC
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Key Ques­tions for Digi­tal Minds

Jacy Reese Anthis22 Mar 2023 17:13 UTC
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Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, con­scious­ness, and be­lief strength measures

Jakub Smékal17 Feb 2024 5:45 UTC
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Ex­pec­ta­tions In­fluence Real­ity (and AI)

purplelight4 Feb 2022 21:31 UTC
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Some thought ex­per­i­ments on digi­tal consciousness

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What is Con­scious­ness?

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Where Free Will and Deter­minism Meet

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AI as Con­tact with our Col­lec­tive Unconscious

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[Question] Is Con­scious­ness Still a Mys­tery?

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The Screen­play Method

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Con­fused as to use­ful­ness of ‘con­scious­ness’ as a concept

KnaveOfAllTrades13 Jul 2014 11:01 UTC
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The Limits of Ar­tifi­cial Con­scious­ness: A Biol­ogy-Based Cri­tique of Chalmers’ Fad­ing Qualia Argument

Štěpán Los17 Dec 2023 19:11 UTC
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Even more cu­rated con­ver­sa­tions with brilli­ant rationalists

spencerg21 Mar 2022 23:49 UTC
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Is an­a­lyz­ing LLM be­hav­ior a valid means for as­sess­ing po­ten­tial con­scious­ness, as de­scribed by global workspace the­ory and higher or­der the­o­ries?

amelia11 Mar 2024 19:37 UTC
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Thank you for trig­ger­ing me

Cissy12 Feb 2024 20:09 UTC
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The Zom­bie Ar­gu­ment for Empiricists

JonathanErhardt6 Apr 2022 19:10 UTC
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AI psy­chol­ogy should ground the the­o­ries of AI con­scious­ness and in­form hu­man-AI eth­i­cal in­ter­ac­tion design

Roman Leventov8 Jan 2023 6:37 UTC
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Sta­tus conscious

avantika.mehra16 Jan 2023 17:44 UTC
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Key ques­tions about ar­tifi­cial sen­tience: an opinionated guide

Robbo25 Apr 2022 12:09 UTC
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Con­scious­ness: A Com­pres­sion-Based Approach

interstice16 Apr 2022 16:40 UTC
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[Question] Is it de­sir­able for the first AGI to be con­scious?

Charbel-Raphaël1 May 2022 21:29 UTC
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Which an­i­mals re­al­ize which types of sub­jec­tive welfare?

MichaelStJules27 Feb 2024 19:31 UTC
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De­mon­strat­ing MWI by in­terfer­ing hu­man simulations

Yair Halberstadt8 May 2022 17:28 UTC
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AI and the Map of Your Mind: Pat­tern Recog­ni­tion

Scott Broock20 Mar 2023 17:43 UTC
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A multi-dis­ci­plinary view on AI safety research

Roman Leventov8 Feb 2023 16:50 UTC
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How spe­cial are hu­man brains among an­i­mal brains?

zhukeepa1 Apr 2020 1:35 UTC
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Alien par­a­site tech­ni­cal guy

PhilGoetz27 Jul 2010 16:51 UTC
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Life as metaphor for ev­ery­thing else.

Charlie Steiner5 Apr 2020 7:21 UTC
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Do an­droids silence echoes of the past?

Michael Li11 Feb 2024 2:35 UTC
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Per­son­hood is a Reli­gious Belief

jan Sijan3 May 2023 16:16 UTC
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Un­der­stand­ing why illu­sion­ism does not deny the ex­is­tence of qualia

Mergimio H. Doefevmil4 May 2023 2:13 UTC
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Is “red” for GPT-4 the same as “red” for you?

Yusuke Hayashi6 May 2023 17:55 UTC
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Real­ity and re­al­ity-boxes

Jim Pivarski13 May 2023 14:14 UTC
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Epiphe­nom­e­nal­ism leads to elimi­na­tivism about qualia

Clément L11 Mar 2024 19:53 UTC
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Epistemic Hell

rogersbacon27 Jan 2024 17:13 UTC
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