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Prevent­ing over­charg­ing by prosecutors

ChristianKl6 Apr 2021 11:13 UTC
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[Question] What are the best re­sources to point peo­ple who are skep­ti­cal of get­ting vac­ci­nated for COVID-19 to?

ChristianKl20 Mar 2021 11:18 UTC
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How can we stop talk­ing past each other when it comes to pos­tra­tional­ity?

ChristianKl12 Mar 2021 15:15 UTC
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[Question] At­tempt at a gears model of get­ting in­fected with COVID-19

ChristianKl2 Mar 2021 15:39 UTC
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[Question] How do you run a fit-test for a mask at home when you don’t have fancy equip­ment?

ChristianKl28 Feb 2021 20:30 UTC
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[Question] Why aren’t we all us­ing Taf­fix?

ChristianKl26 Feb 2021 23:09 UTC
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[Question] Are mul­ti­ple shorter ex­po­sures less likely to re­duce in in­fec­tions of COVID-19 then one larger ex­po­sure?

ChristianKl24 Feb 2021 13:14 UTC
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[Question] What does the FDA ac­tu­ally do be­tween get­ting the trial re­sults and hav­ing their meet­ing?

ChristianKl12 Feb 2021 13:08 UTC
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We got what’s needed for COVID-19 vac­ci­na­tion com­pletely wrong

ChristianKl10 Feb 2021 7:59 UTC
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[Question] Why are clini­cal tri­als so ex­pen­sive?

ChristianKl5 Feb 2021 0:10 UTC
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[Question] Are there ex­am­ples of ra­tio­nal­ists get­ting cen­sored for COVID-19 re­lated com­mu­ni­ca­tion?

ChristianKl15 Jan 2021 18:46 UTC
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[Question] What’s up with the Tar­get­ing Aging with Met­formin (TAME) trial?

ChristianKl7 Jan 2021 23:31 UTC
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[Question] Why is loss of mus­cle cells not con­sid­ered one of the hal­l­marks of ag­ing?

ChristianKl5 Jan 2021 14:19 UTC
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Em­piri­cism in NLP : Test Oper­ate Text Exit (TOTE)

ChristianKl1 Jan 2021 16:09 UTC
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SpaceX will have mas­sive im­pact in the next decade

ChristianKl31 Dec 2020 1:04 UTC
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[Linkpost] Drug-Ap­proval Denationalization

ChristianKl30 Dec 2020 22:09 UTC
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Choos­ing the right ask for a context

ChristianKl28 Dec 2020 14:58 UTC
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[Question] Why did the Ming trea­sure voy­ages end in 1433?

ChristianKl30 Nov 2020 13:30 UTC
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[Question] Can we get peo­ple to shut up on pub­lic trans­porta­tion?

ChristianKl28 Nov 2020 15:30 UTC
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[Question] How do you eval­u­ate whether a $500 dona­tion to a pro­ject that you know well is a good idea?

ChristianKl19 Nov 2020 12:42 UTC
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