Joe Carlsmith

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Senior research analyst at Open Philanthropy. Recently completed a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Oxford. Opinions my own.

Pre­dictable up­dat­ing about AI risk

Joe Carlsmith8 May 2023 21:53 UTC
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[Linkpost] Shorter ver­sion of re­port on ex­is­ten­tial risk from power-seek­ing AI

Joe Carlsmith22 Mar 2023 18:09 UTC
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A Stranger Pri­or­ity? Topics at the Outer Reaches of Effec­tive Altru­ism (my dis­ser­ta­tion)

Joe Carlsmith21 Feb 2023 17:26 UTC
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See­ing more whole

Joe Carlsmith17 Feb 2023 5:12 UTC
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Why should eth­i­cal anti-re­al­ists do ethics?

Joe Carlsmith16 Feb 2023 16:27 UTC
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[Linkpost] Hu­man-nar­rated au­dio ver­sion of “Is Power-Seek­ing AI an Ex­is­ten­tial Risk?”

Joe Carlsmith31 Jan 2023 19:21 UTC
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On sincerity

Joe Carlsmith23 Dec 2022 17:13 UTC
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Against meta-eth­i­cal hedonism

Joe Carlsmith2 Dec 2022 0:23 UTC
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Against the nor­ma­tive re­al­ist’s wager

Joe Carlsmith13 Oct 2022 16:35 UTC
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Video and Tran­script of Pre­sen­ta­tion on Ex­is­ten­tial Risk from Power-Seek­ing AI

Joe Carlsmith8 May 2022 3:50 UTC
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On ex­pected util­ity, part 4: Dutch books, Cox, and Com­plete Class

Joe Carlsmith24 Mar 2022 7:51 UTC
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