Risks of Astro­nom­i­cal Suffer­ing (S-risks)

Suffer­ing risks (also known as s-risks) are risks of the cre­ation of suffer­ing in the far fu­ture on an as­tro­nom­i­cal scale, vastly ex­ceed­ing all suffer­ing that has ex­isted on Earth so far. In this sense, many s-risks can be con­sid­ered a form of ex­is­ten­tial risk ac­cord­ing to Bostrom’s origi­nal defi­ni­tion, as they threaten to “cur­tail [hu­man­ity’s] po­ten­tial”. How­ever, it is of­ten use­ful to dis­t­in­guish be­tween risks that threaten to pre­vent fu­ture pop­u­la­tions from com­ing into ex­is­tence (ex­tinc­tion risks) and those which would cre­ate a large amount of suffer­ing (s-risks).

Although the Ma­chine In­tel­li­gence Re­search In­sti­tute and Fu­ture of Hu­man­ity In­sti­tute have in­ves­ti­gated strate­gies to pre­vent s-risks, the only EA or­ga­ni­za­tion with s-risk pre­ven­tion re­search as its pri­mary fo­cus is the Foun­da­tional Re­search In­sti­tute. Much of FRI’s work is on suffer­ing-fo­cused AI safety and cru­cial con­sid­er­a­tions. Another ap­proach to re­duc­ing s-risk is to “ex­pand the moral cir­cle”, so that fu­ture (post)hu­man civ­i­liza­tions and AI are less likely to in­stru­men­tally cause suffer­ing to non-hu­man minds such as an­i­mals or digi­tal sen­tience. Sen­tience In­sti­tute works on this value-spread­ing prob­lem.

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