Cog­ni­tive Science

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Cognitive science draws upon a variety of different disciplines to try to describe and explain the way humans think. It heavily involves neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy. It differs from neuroscience in that it focuses less on relating structure to function, and more on using many approaches to form higher-level models to predict behaviour.

The Cog­ni­tive Science of Rationality

lukeprog12 Sep 2011 20:48 UTC
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[Lec­ture Club] Awak­en­ing from the Mean­ing Crisis

Vaniver8 Mar 2021 15:22 UTC
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Mini-Re­view: ‘The Oxford Hand­book of Philos­o­phy of Cog­ni­tive Science’

lukeprog1 Feb 2012 21:48 UTC
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Do We Believe Every­thing We’re Told?

Eliezer Yudkowsky10 Oct 2007 23:52 UTC
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Balance mo­ti­va­tion and discipline

toonalfrink7 Jan 2021 12:00 UTC
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Trapped Pri­ors As A Ba­sic Prob­lem Of Rationality

Scott Alexander12 Mar 2021 20:02 UTC
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A Tax­on­omy of Bias: The Cog­ni­tive Miser

Kaj_Sotala2 Jul 2010 18:38 UTC
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Con­cepts Don’t Work That Way

lukeprog28 Sep 2011 2:01 UTC
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Ver­bal Over­shad­ow­ing and The Art of Rationality

pangloss27 Apr 2009 23:39 UTC
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A Crash Course in the Neu­ro­science of Hu­man Motivation

lukeprog19 Aug 2011 21:15 UTC
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Want­ing vs. Lik­ing Revisited

Scott Alexander9 Jul 2011 20:54 UTC
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Liv­ing Metaphorically

lukeprog28 Nov 2011 15:01 UTC
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Learn­ing How to Learn (And 20+ Stud­ies)

maxa23 Nov 2020 0:29 UTC
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[Link] Cog­ni­tive Sciences Stack Ex­change opened

Kaj_Sotala5 Feb 2012 8:07 UTC
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Our com­pressed perception

pchvykov6 Apr 2021 11:01 UTC
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Mind­ful­ness as debugging

pchvykov30 Apr 2021 16:59 UTC
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