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Jessica Taylor. CS undergrad and Master’s at Stanford; former research fellow at MIRI.

I work on decision theory, social epistemology, strategy, naturalized agency, mathematical foundations, decentralized networking systems and applications, theory of mind, and functional programming languages.


Twitter: https://​​​​jessi_cata

The Cog­ni­tive-The­o­retic Model of the Uni­verse: A Par­tial Sum­mary and Review

jessicata27 Mar 2024 19:59 UTC
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Con­struc­tive Cauchy se­quences vs. Dedekind cuts

jessicata14 Mar 2024 23:04 UTC
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Sim­ple Kelly bet­ting in pre­dic­tion markets

jessicata6 Mar 2024 18:59 UTC
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A re­view of “Don’t for­get the bound­ary prob­lem...”

jessicata8 Feb 2024 23:19 UTC
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