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Szy­mon Kucharski’s Shortform

Szymon Kucharski19 May 2021 23:08 UTC
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Could billions spa­cially dis­con­nected “Boltz­mann neu­rons” give rise to con­scious­ness?

Szymon Kucharski31 Mar 2021 19:58 UTC
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Unifi­ca­tion seems to be a way to avoid in­fini­tar­ian paral­y­sis in con­se­quen­tial­ist ag­grega­tive ethics.

Szymon Kucharski31 Mar 2021 19:04 UTC
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Phys­i­cal­ism im­plies ex­pe­rience never dies. So what am I go­ing to ex­pe­rience af­ter it does?

Szymon Kucharski14 Mar 2021 14:45 UTC
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I want to die in an in­finite uni­verse. How philos­o­phy led me to the deep­est heights of in­differ­ent de­spair.

Szymon Kucharski11 Mar 2021 23:16 UTC
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[Question] Good, Evil and (?)In­differ­ent God Challanges

Szymon Kucharski2 Mar 2021 13:57 UTC
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