AI Capabilities

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AI Capabilities are the growing abilities of AIs to act effectively in increasingly complex environments. It is often compared to to AI Alignment, which refers to efforts to ensure that these effective actions taken by AIs are also intended by the creators and beneficial to humanity.

Effi­cien­tZero: hu­man ALE sam­ple-effi­ciency w/​MuZero+self-supervised

gwern2 Nov 2021 2:32 UTC
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Effi­cien­tZero: How It Works

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Why the tech­nolog­i­cal sin­gu­lar­ity by AGI may never happen

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The al­ign­ment prob­lem in differ­ent ca­pa­bil­ity regimes

Buck9 Sep 2021 19:46 UTC
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Epistemic Strate­gies of Safety-Ca­pa­bil­ities Tradeoffs

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Google an­nounces Path­ways: new gen­er­a­tion mul­ti­task AI Architecture

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[Question] What are the rel­a­tive speeds of AI ca­pa­bil­ities and AI safety?

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Deep­Mind: Gen­er­ally ca­pa­ble agents emerge from open-ended play

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OpenAI Codex: First Impressions

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To con­tribute to AI safety, con­sider do­ing AI research

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[Question] What’s the differ­ence be­tween newer Atari-play­ing AI and the older Deep­mind one (from 2014)?

Raemon2 Nov 2021 23:36 UTC
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AI Tracker: mon­i­tor­ing cur­rent and near-fu­ture risks from su­per­scale models

23 Nov 2021 19:16 UTC
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HIRING: In­form and shape a new pro­ject on AI safety at Part­ner­ship on AI

Madhulika Srikumar24 Nov 2021 8:27 UTC
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