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I’m an eccentric existentialist philosopher and education mindset user, specializing in applied metacognition. I’ve devoted most of my waking time to studying and addressing problems of the mind, influenced in large part by the aspiring rationality movement.

Right now I am determined to prove that Earth can do better than the status quo, that there is a way to unlock the vast collective human potential that is currently stuck in ignorance and pointless conflict.

Over the past decade or so, I’ve compiled a toolbox of foundational concepts to help people express in the simplest possible terms what matters most, so they can understand each others’ values and frame situations constructively. Thus empowered with a starting point for effective collaboration, we can build a world we can all be proud of.

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Extradimensional Cephalopod a.k.a. ExCeph, a.k.a. XF, a.k.a. “a handsome, brooding Cthulhu” (website: https://​​​​view/​​

Where Utopias Go Wrong, or: The Four Lit­tle Planets

ExCeph27 May 2022 1:24 UTC
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Ba­sic Mindsets

ExCeph6 Jun 2020 0:44 UTC
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Order and Chaos

ExCeph28 Nov 2019 21:27 UTC
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The Foun­da­tional Toolbox for Life: Introduction

ExCeph22 Jun 2019 6:11 UTC
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Ia! Ia! Ex­tradi­men­sional Cephalo­pod Nafl’fh­tagn!

ExCeph17 Nov 2018 23:00 UTC
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AI Goal Align­ment En­try: How to Teach a Com­puter to Love

ExCeph1 Jan 2018 3:37 UTC
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