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LessWrong: After Dark, a new side of LessWrong

So8res1 Apr 2024 22:44 UTC
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Ronny and Nate dis­cuss what sorts of minds hu­man­ity is likely to find by Ma­chine Learning

19 Dec 2023 23:39 UTC
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Quick takes on “AI is easy to con­trol”

So8res2 Dec 2023 22:31 UTC
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Apoca­lypse in­surance, and the hardline liber­tar­ian take on AI risk

So8res28 Nov 2023 2:09 UTC
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Abil­ity to solve long-hori­zon tasks cor­re­lates with want­ing things in the be­hav­iorist sense

So8res24 Nov 2023 17:37 UTC
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How much to up­date on re­cent AI gov­er­nance moves?

16 Nov 2023 23:46 UTC
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Thoughts on the AI Safety Sum­mit com­pany policy re­quests and responses

So8res31 Oct 2023 23:54 UTC
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AI as a sci­ence, and three ob­sta­cles to al­ign­ment strategies

So8res25 Oct 2023 21:00 UTC
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