Ulisse Mini

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Born too late to explore Earth; born too early to explore the galaxy; born just the right time to save humanity.


Un­der­stand­ing and con­trol­ling a maze-solv­ing policy network

11 Mar 2023 18:59 UTC
284 points
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Pre­dic­tions for shard the­ory mechanis­tic in­ter­pretabil­ity results

1 Mar 2023 5:16 UTC
94 points
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[ASoT] Policy Tra­jec­tory Visualization

Ulisse Mini7 Feb 2023 0:13 UTC
9 points
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In­cen­tives con­sid­ered harmful

Ulisse Mini15 Jan 2023 6:38 UTC
6 points
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[Question] Where do you find peo­ple who ac­tu­ally do things?

Ulisse Mini13 Jan 2023 6:57 UTC
7 points
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