Outer Alignment

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Outer alignment asks the question—“What should we aim our model at?” In other words, is the model optimizing for the correct reward such that there are no exploitable loopholes? It is also known as the reward misspecification problem.

Overall, outer alignment as a problem is intuitive enough to understand, i.e., is the specified loss function aligned with the intended goal of its designers? However, implementing this in practice is extremely difficult. Conveying the full “intention” behind a human request is equivalent to conveying the sum of all human values and ethics. This is difficult in part because human intentions are themselves not well understood. Additionally, since most models are designed as goal optimizers, they are all susceptible to Goodhart’s Law which means that we might be unable to foresee negative consequences that arise due to excessive optimization pressure on a goal that would look otherwise well specified to humans.

To solve the outer alignment problem, some sub-problems that we would have to make progress on include specification gaming, value learning, and reward shaping/​modeling. Some proposed solutions to outer alignment include scalable oversight techniques such as IDA, as well as adversarial oversight techniques such as debate.

Outer Alignment vs. Inner Alignment

This is often taken to be separate from the inner alignment problem, which asks: How can we robustly aim our AI optimizers at any objective function at all?

It should be kept in mind that you can have both inner and outer alignment failures together. It is not a dichotomy and often even experienced alignment researchers are unable to tell them apart. This indicates that the classifications of failures according to these terms are fuzzy. Ideally, we don’t think of a binary dichotomy of inner and outer alignment that can be tackled individually but of a more holistic alignment picture that includes the interplay between both inner and outer alignment approaches.

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Con­trol­ling In­tel­li­gent Agents The Only Way We Know How: Ideal Bureau­cratic Struc­ture (IBS)

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Thoughts on the Align­ment Im­pli­ca­tions of Scal­ing Lan­guage Models

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In­suffi­cient Values

16 Jun 2021 14:33 UTC
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[Question] Thoughts on a “Se­quences In­spired” PhD Topic

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[Question] Is it worth mak­ing a database for moral pre­dic­tions?

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Call for re­search on eval­u­at­ing al­ign­ment (fund­ing + ad­vice available)

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Dist­in­guish­ing AI takeover scenarios

8 Sep 2021 16:19 UTC
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Align­ment via man­u­ally im­ple­ment­ing the util­ity function

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The Me­taethics and Nor­ma­tive Ethics of AGI Value Align­ment: Many Ques­tions, Some Implications

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The AGI needs to be honest

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Be­hav­ior Clon­ing is Miscalibrated

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In­for­ma­tion bot­tle­neck for coun­ter­fac­tual corrigibility

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Pro­ject In­tro: Selec­tion The­o­rems for Modularity

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Learn­ing the smooth prior

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Up­dat­ing Utility Functions

9 May 2022 9:44 UTC
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AI Alter­na­tive Fu­tures: Sce­nario Map­ping Ar­tifi­cial In­tel­li­gence Risk—Re­quest for Par­ti­ci­pa­tion (*Closed*)

Kakili27 Apr 2022 22:07 UTC
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In­ter­pretabil­ity’s Align­ment-Solv­ing Po­ten­tial: Anal­y­sis of 7 Scenarios

Evan R. Murphy12 May 2022 20:01 UTC
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RL with KL penalties is bet­ter seen as Bayesian inference

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In­ves­ti­gat­ing causal un­der­stand­ing in LLMs

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Get­ting from an un­al­igned AGI to an al­igned AGI?

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An­nounc­ing the In­verse Scal­ing Prize ($250k Prize Pool)

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Re­search Notes: What are we al­ign­ing for?

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Mak­ing it harder for an AGI to “trick” us, with STVs

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Three Min­i­mum Pivotal Acts Pos­si­ble by Nar­row AI

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Con­di­tion­ing Gen­er­a­tive Models for Alignment

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Ex­ter­nal­ized rea­son­ing over­sight: a re­search di­rec­tion for lan­guage model alignment

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Con­di­tion­ing, Prompts, and Fine-Tuning

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Thoughts about OOD alignment

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Fram­ing AI Childhoods

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What Should AI Owe To Us? Ac­countable and Aligned AI Sys­tems via Con­trac­tu­al­ist AI Alignment

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Why de­cep­tive al­ign­ment mat­ters for AGI safety

Marius Hobbhahn15 Sep 2022 13:38 UTC
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Levels of goals and alignment

zeshen16 Sep 2022 16:44 UTC
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In­ner al­ign­ment: what are we point­ing at?

lukehmiles18 Sep 2022 11:09 UTC
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Lev­er­ag­ing Le­gal In­for­mat­ics to Align AI

John Nay18 Sep 2022 20:39 UTC
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Plan­ning ca­pac­ity and daemons

lukehmiles26 Sep 2022 0:15 UTC
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Science of Deep Learn­ing—a tech­ni­cal agenda

Marius Hobbhahn18 Oct 2022 14:54 UTC
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Clar­ify­ing AI X-risk

1 Nov 2022 11:03 UTC
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Threat Model Liter­a­ture Review

1 Nov 2022 11:03 UTC
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Ques­tions about Value Lock-in, Pa­ter­nal­ism, and Empowerment

Sam F. Brown16 Nov 2022 15:33 UTC
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If you’re very op­ti­mistic about ELK then you should be op­ti­mistic about outer alignment

Sam Marks27 Apr 2022 19:30 UTC
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[Question] Don’t you think RLHF solves outer al­ign­ment?

Charbel-Raphaël4 Nov 2022 0:36 UTC
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A first suc­cess story for Outer Align­ment: In­struc­tGPT

Noosphere898 Nov 2022 22:52 UTC
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The Disas­trously Con­fi­dent And Inac­cu­rate AI

Sharat Jacob Jacob18 Nov 2022 19:06 UTC
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Align­ment with ar­gu­ment-net­works and as­sess­ment-predictions

Tor Økland Barstad13 Dec 2022 2:17 UTC
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Disen­tan­gling Shard The­ory into Atomic Claims

Leon Lang13 Jan 2023 4:23 UTC
85 points
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[Question] Will re­search in AI risk jinx it? Con­se­quences of train­ing AI on AI risk arguments

Yann Dubois19 Dec 2022 22:42 UTC
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On the Im­por­tance of Open Sourc­ing Re­ward Models

elandgre2 Jan 2023 19:01 UTC
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Causal rep­re­sen­ta­tion learn­ing as a tech­nique to pre­vent goal misgeneralization

PabloAMC4 Jan 2023 0:07 UTC
19 points
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The Align­ment Problems

Martín Soto12 Jan 2023 22:29 UTC
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Em­pa­thy as a nat­u­ral con­se­quence of learnt re­ward models

beren4 Feb 2023 15:35 UTC
46 points
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Early situ­a­tional aware­ness and its im­pli­ca­tions, a story

Jacob Pfau6 Feb 2023 20:45 UTC
29 points
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The Lin­guis­tic Blind Spot of Value-Aligned Agency, Nat­u­ral and Ar­tifi­cial

Roman Leventov14 Feb 2023 6:57 UTC
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Pre­train­ing Lan­guage Models with Hu­man Preferences

21 Feb 2023 17:57 UTC
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Break­ing the Op­ti­mizer’s Curse, and Con­se­quences for Ex­is­ten­tial Risks and Value Learning

Roger Dearnaley21 Feb 2023 9:05 UTC
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Just How Hard a Prob­lem is Align­ment?

Roger Dearnaley25 Feb 2023 9:00 UTC
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Align­ment works both ways

Karl von Wendt7 Mar 2023 10:41 UTC
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AGI is un­con­trol­lable, al­ign­ment is impossible

Donatas Lučiūnas19 Mar 2023 17:49 UTC
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[Pro­posal] Method of lo­cat­ing use­ful sub­nets in large models

Quintin Pope13 Oct 2021 20:52 UTC
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Gaia Net­work: An Illus­trated Primer

18 Jan 2024 18:23 UTC
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7. Evolu­tion and Ethics

RogerDearnaley15 Feb 2024 23:38 UTC
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In­duc­ing hu­man-like bi­ases in moral rea­son­ing LMs

20 Feb 2024 16:28 UTC
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Re­quire­ments for a Basin of At­trac­tion to Alignment

RogerDearnaley14 Feb 2024 7:10 UTC
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The Ideal Speech Si­tu­a­tion as a Tool for AI Eth­i­cal Reflec­tion: A Frame­work for Alignment

kenneth myers9 Feb 2024 18:40 UTC
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[Question] Op­ti­miz­ing for Agency?

Michael Soareverix14 Feb 2024 8:31 UTC
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Achiev­ing AI Align­ment through De­liber­ate Uncer­tainty in Mul­ti­a­gent Systems

Florian_Dietz17 Feb 2024 8:45 UTC
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In­vi­ta­tion to the Prince­ton AI Align­ment and Safety Seminar

Sadhika Malladi17 Mar 2024 1:10 UTC
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Please Understand

samhealy1 Apr 2024 12:33 UTC
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The for­mal goal is a pointer

Pi Rogers1 May 2024 0:27 UTC
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CCS: Coun­ter­fac­tual Civ­i­liza­tion Simulation

Pi Rogers2 May 2024 22:54 UTC
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Open-ended ethics of phe­nom­ena (a desider­ata with uni­ver­sal moral­ity)

Ryo 8 Nov 2023 20:10 UTC
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Ra­tion­al­ity vs Alignment

Donatas Lučiūnas7 Jul 2024 10:12 UTC
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Map­ping the Con­cep­tual Ter­ri­tory in AI Ex­is­ten­tial Safety and Alignment

jbkjr12 Feb 2021 7:55 UTC
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God vs AI scientifically

Donatas Lučiūnas21 Mar 2023 23:03 UTC
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Aligned AI as a wrap­per around an LLM

cousin_it25 Mar 2023 15:58 UTC
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Are ex­trap­o­la­tion-based AIs al­ignable?

cousin_it24 Mar 2023 15:55 UTC
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“Sorcerer’s Ap­pren­tice” from Fan­ta­sia as an anal­ogy for alignment

awg29 Mar 2023 18:21 UTC
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Imi­ta­tion Learn­ing from Lan­guage Feedback

30 Mar 2023 14:11 UTC
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[Question] Daisy-chain­ing ep­silon-step verifiers

Decaeneus6 Apr 2023 2:07 UTC
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Use these three heuris­tic im­per­a­tives to solve alignment

G6 Apr 2023 16:20 UTC
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If Align­ment is Hard, then so is Self-Improvement

PavleMiha7 Apr 2023 0:08 UTC
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Goal al­ign­ment with­out al­ign­ment on episte­mol­ogy, ethics, and sci­ence is futile

Roman Leventov7 Apr 2023 8:22 UTC
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Co­op­er­a­tive Game Theory

Takk7 Jun 2023 17:41 UTC
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For al­ign­ment, we should si­mul­ta­neously use mul­ti­ple the­o­ries of cog­ni­tion and value

Roman Leventov24 Apr 2023 10:37 UTC
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Archety­pal Trans­fer Learn­ing: a Pro­posed Align­ment Solu­tion that solves the In­ner & Outer Align­ment Prob­lem while adding Cor­rigible Traits to GPT-2-medium

MiguelDev26 Apr 2023 1:37 UTC
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Free­dom Is All We Need

Leo Glisic27 Apr 2023 0:09 UTC
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Com­po­si­tional prefer­ence mod­els for al­ign­ing LMs

Tomek Korbak25 Oct 2023 12:17 UTC
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Wire­head­ing and mis­al­ign­ment by com­po­si­tion on NetHack

pierlucadoro27 Oct 2023 17:43 UTC
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AI Align­ment: A Com­pre­hen­sive Survey

Stephen McAleer1 Nov 2023 17:35 UTC
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Op­tion­al­ity ap­proach to ethics

Ryo 13 Nov 2023 15:23 UTC
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Align­ment is Hard: An Un­com­putable Align­ment Problem

Alexander Bistagne19 Nov 2023 19:38 UTC
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Re­ac­tion to “Em­pow­er­ment is (al­most) All We Need” : an open-ended alternative

Ryo 25 Nov 2023 15:35 UTC
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Cor­rigi­bil­ity or DWIM is an at­trac­tive pri­mary goal for AGI

Seth Herd25 Nov 2023 19:37 UTC
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An In­creas­ingly Ma­nipu­la­tive Newsfeed

Michaël Trazzi1 Jul 2019 15:26 UTC
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My preferred fram­ings for re­ward mis­speci­fi­ca­tion and goal misgeneralisation

Yi-Yang6 May 2023 4:48 UTC
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Is “red” for GPT-4 the same as “red” for you?

Yusuke Hayashi6 May 2023 17:55 UTC
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H-JEPA might be tech­ni­cally al­ignable in a mod­ified form

Roman Leventov8 May 2023 23:04 UTC
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The Goal Mis­gen­er­al­iza­tion Problem

Myspy18 May 2023 23:40 UTC
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Distil­la­tion of Neu­rotech and Align­ment Work­shop Jan­uary 2023

22 May 2023 7:17 UTC
51 points
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The Steer­ing Problem

paulfchristiano13 Nov 2018 17:14 UTC
43 points
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An LLM-based “ex­em­plary ac­tor”

Roman Leventov29 May 2023 11:12 UTC
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In­fer­ence from a Math­e­mat­i­cal De­scrip­tion of an Ex­ist­ing Align­ment Re­search: a pro­posal for an outer al­ign­ment re­search program

Christopher King2 Jun 2023 21:54 UTC
7 points
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Align­ing an H-JEPA agent via train­ing on the out­puts of an LLM-based “ex­em­plary ac­tor”

Roman Leventov29 May 2023 11:08 UTC
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Shut­down-Seek­ing AI

Simon Goldstein31 May 2023 22:19 UTC
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“De­sign­ing agent in­cen­tives to avoid re­ward tam­per­ing”, DeepMind

gwern14 Aug 2019 16:57 UTC
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Higher Di­men­sion Carte­sian Ob­jects and Align­ing ‘Tiling Si­mu­la­tors’

lukemarks11 Jun 2023 0:13 UTC
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Us­ing Con­sen­sus Mechanisms as an ap­proach to Alignment

Prometheus10 Jun 2023 23:38 UTC
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Pro­posal: Tune LLMs to Use Cal­ibrated Language

OneManyNone7 Jun 2023 21:05 UTC
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Ex­am­ples of AI’s be­hav­ing badly

Stuart_Armstrong16 Jul 2015 10:01 UTC
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A Mul­tidis­ci­plinary Ap­proach to Align­ment (MATA) and Archety­pal Trans­fer Learn­ing (ATL)

MiguelDev19 Jun 2023 2:32 UTC
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