Michael Soareverix

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[Question] Op­ti­miz­ing for Agency?

Michael Soareverix14 Feb 2024 8:31 UTC
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The Virus—Short Story

Michael Soareverix13 Apr 2023 18:18 UTC
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Gold, Silver, Red: A color scheme for un­der­stand­ing people

Michael Soareverix13 Mar 2023 1:06 UTC
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A Good Fu­ture (rough draft)

Michael Soareverix24 Oct 2022 20:45 UTC
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A rough idea for solv­ing ELK: An ap­proach for train­ing gen­er­al­ist agents like GATO to make plans and de­scribe them to hu­mans clearly and hon­estly.

Michael Soareverix8 Sep 2022 15:20 UTC
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Our Ex­ist­ing Solu­tions to AGI Align­ment (semi-safe)

Michael Soareverix21 Jul 2022 19:00 UTC
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Mus­ings on the Hu­man Ob­jec­tive Function

Michael Soareverix15 Jul 2022 7:13 UTC
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