Christopher King

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In­fer­ence from a Math­e­mat­i­cal De­scrip­tion of an Ex­ist­ing Align­ment Re­search: a pro­posal for an outer al­ign­ment re­search program

Christopher King2 Jun 2023 21:54 UTC
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The un­spo­ken but ridicu­lous as­sump­tion of AI doom: the hid­den doom assumption

Christopher King1 Jun 2023 17:01 UTC
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[Question] What pro­jects and efforts are there to pro­mote AI safety re­search?

Christopher King24 May 2023 0:33 UTC
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See­ing Ghosts by GPT-4

Christopher King20 May 2023 0:11 UTC
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We are mis­al­igned: the sad­den­ing idea that most of hu­man­ity doesn’t in­trin­si­cally care about x-risk, even on a per­sonal level

Christopher King19 May 2023 16:12 UTC
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