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I am the co founder of and researcher at the quantitative long term strategy organization Convergence (see here for our growing list of publications). Over the last fourteen years I have worked with MIRI, CFAR, EA Global, and Founders Fund, and done work in EA strategy, fundraising, networking, teaching, cognitive enhancement, and AI safety research. I have a MS degree in computer science and BS degrees in computer science, mathematics, and physics.

In­for­ma­tion-The­o­retic Box­ing of Superintelligences

30 Nov 2023 14:31 UTC
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The risk-re­ward trade­off of in­ter­pretabil­ity research

5 Jul 2023 17:05 UTC
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Align­ing AI by op­ti­miz­ing for “wis­dom”

27 Jun 2023 15:20 UTC
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Im­prov­ing the safety of AI evals

17 May 2023 22:24 UTC
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Keep hu­mans in the loop

19 Apr 2023 15:34 UTC
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Up­dat­ing Utility Functions

9 May 2022 9:44 UTC
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Good­hart’s Law Causal Diagrams

11 Apr 2022 13:52 UTC
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How Money Fails to Track Value

JustinShovelain2 Apr 2022 12:32 UTC
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Eval­u­at­ing ex­per­tise: a clear box model

JustinShovelain15 Oct 2020 14:18 UTC
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Good and bad ways to think about down­side risks

11 Jun 2020 1:38 UTC
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COVID-19: An op­por­tu­nity to help by mod­el­ling test­ing and trac­ing to in­form the UK government

JustinShovelain17 Apr 2020 17:21 UTC
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[Question] Test­ing and con­tact trac­ing im­pact as­sess­ment model?

JustinShovelain9 Apr 2020 17:42 UTC
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