De­bate (AI safety tech­nique)

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Debate is a proposed technique for allowing human evaluators to get correct and helpful answers from experts, even if the evaluator is not themselves an expert or able to fully verify the answers [1]. The technique was suggested as part of an approach to build advanced AI systems that are aligned with human values, and to safely apply machine learning techniques to problems that have high stakes, but are not well-defined (such as advancing science or increase a company’s revenue) [2, 3].

Wri­teup: Progress on AI Safety via Debate

5 Feb 2020 21:04 UTC
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A guide to Iter­ated Am­plifi­ca­tion & Debate

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Com­par­ing AI Align­ment Ap­proaches to Min­i­mize False Pos­i­tive Risk

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Look­ing for ad­ver­sar­ial col­lab­o­ra­tors to test our De­bate protocol

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Par­allels Between AI Safety by De­bate and Ev­i­dence Law

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AI Safety De­bate and Its Applications

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New pa­per: (When) is Truth-tel­ling Fa­vored in AI de­bate?

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Can there be an in­de­scrib­able hel­l­world?

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Imi­ta­tive Gen­er­al­i­sa­tion (AKA ‘Learn­ing the Prior’)

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Map­ping the Con­cep­tual Ter­ri­tory in AI Ex­is­ten­tial Safety and Alignment

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