De­cep­tive Alignment

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Deceptive Alignment is when an AI which is not actually aligned temporarily acts aligned in order to deceive its creators or its training process. It presumably does this to avoid being shut down or retrained and to gain access to the power that the creators would give an aligned AI.

See also: Mesa-optimization, Treacherous Turn, Eliciting Latent Knowledge, Deception

De­cep­tive Alignment

5 Jun 2019 20:16 UTC
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The Waluigi Effect (mega-post)

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Try­ing to Make a Treach­er­ous Mesa-Optimizer

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Sticky goals: a con­crete ex­per­i­ment for un­der­stand­ing de­cep­tive alignment

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Does SGD Pro­duce De­cep­tive Align­ment?

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Mon­i­tor­ing for de­cep­tive alignment

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Eval­u­a­tions pro­ject @ ARC is hiring a re­searcher and a web­dev/​engineer

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The Defen­der’s Ad­van­tage of Interpretability

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Order Mat­ters for De­cep­tive Alignment

DavidW15 Feb 2023 19:56 UTC
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In­cen­tives and Selec­tion: A Miss­ing Frame From AI Threat Dis­cus­sions?

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Fram­ings of De­cep­tive Alignment

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Pre­cur­sor check­ing for de­cep­tive alignment

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Why de­cep­tive al­ign­ment mat­ters for AGI safety

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Levels of goals and alignment

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It mat­ters when the first sharp left turn happens

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Smoke with­out fire is scary

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Disen­tan­gling in­ner al­ign­ment failures

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Greed Is the Root of This Evil

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What sorts of sys­tems can be de­cep­tive?

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Distil­la­tion of “How Likely Is De­cep­tive Align­ment?”

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Steer­ing Be­havi­our: Test­ing for (Non-)My­opia in Lan­guage Models

5 Dec 2022 20:28 UTC
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Get­ting up to Speed on the Speed Prior in 2022

robertzk28 Dec 2022 7:49 UTC
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The com­mer­cial in­cen­tive to in­ten­tion­ally train AI to de­ceive us

Derek M. Jones29 Dec 2022 11:30 UTC
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De­cep­tive failures short of full catas­tro­phe.

Alex Lawsen 15 Jan 2023 19:28 UTC
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De­cep­tive Align­ment is <1% Likely by Default

DavidW21 Feb 2023 15:09 UTC
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EIS VIII: An Eng­ineer’s Un­der­stand­ing of De­cep­tive Alignment

scasper19 Feb 2023 15:25 UTC
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How AI could workaround goals if rated by people

ProgramCrafter19 Mar 2023 15:51 UTC
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An Ap­peal to AI Su­per­in­tel­li­gence: Rea­sons Not to Pre­serve (most of) Humanity

Alex Beyman22 Mar 2023 4:09 UTC
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A ten­sion be­tween two pro­saic al­ign­ment subgoals

Alex Lawsen 19 Mar 2023 14:07 UTC
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[Question] Wouldn’t an in­tel­li­gent agent keep us al­ive and help us al­ign it­self to our val­ues in or­der to pre­vent risk ? by Risk I mean ex­per­i­men­ta­tion by try­ing to al­ign po­ten­tially smarter repli­cas?

Terrence Rotoufle21 Mar 2023 17:44 UTC
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GPT-4 al­ign­ing with aca­sual de­ci­sion the­ory when in­structed to play games, but in­cludes a CDT ex­pla­na­tion that’s in­cor­rect if they differ

Christopher King23 Mar 2023 16:16 UTC
7 points
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