I’ve had it with those dark rumours about our culture rigorously suppressing opinions

You folks probably know how some posters around here, specifically Vladimir_M, often make statements to the effect of:

“There’s an opinion on such-and-such topic that’s so against the memeplex of Western culture, we can’t even discuss it in open-minded, pseudonymous forums like Less Wrong as society would instantly slam the lid on it with either moral panic or ridicule and give the speaker a black mark.

Meanwhile the thought patterns instilled in us by our upbringing would lead us to quickly lose all interest in the censored opinion”

Going by their definition, us blissfully ignorant masses can’t even know what exactly those opinions might be, as they would look like basic human decency, the underpinnings of our ethics or some other such sacred cow to us. I might have a few guesses, though, all of them as horrible and sickening as my imagination could produce without overshooting and landing in the realm of comic-book evil:

- Dictatorial rule involving active terror and brutal suppression of deviants having great utility for a society in the long term, by providing security against some great risk or whatever.

- A need for every society to “cull the weak” every once in a while, e.g. exterminating the ~0.5% of its members that rank as weakest against some scale.

- Strict hierarchy in everyday life based on facts from the ansectral environment (men dominating women, fathers having the right of life and death over their children, etc) - Mencius argued in favor of such ruthless practices, e.g. selling children into slavery, in his post on “Pronomianism” and “Antinomianism”, stating that all contracts between humans should rather be strict than moral or fair, to make the system stable and predictable; he’s quite obsessed with stability and conformity.

- Some public good being created when the higher classes wilfully oppress and humiliate the lower ones in a ceremonial manner

- The bloodshed and lawlessness of periodic large-scale war as a vital “pressure valve” for releasing pent-up unacceptable emotional states and instinctive drives

- Plain ol’ unfair discrimination of some group in many cruel, life-ruining ways, likewise as a pressure valve

+: some Luddite crap about dropping to a near-subsistence level in every aspect of civilization and making life a daily struggle for survival

Of course my methodology for coming up with such guesses was flawed and primitive: I simply imagined some of the things that sound the ugliest to me yet have been practiced by unpleasant cultures before in some form. Now, of course, most of us take the absense of these to be utterly crucial to our terminal values. Nevertheless, I hope I have demonstrated to whoever might really have something along these lines (if not necessarily that shocking) on their minds that I’m open to meta-discussion, and very interested how we might engage each other on finding safe yet productive avenues of contact.

Let’s do the impossible and think the unthinkable! I must know what those secrets are, no matter how much sleep and comfort I might lose.

P.S. Yeah, Will, I realize that I’m acting roughly in accordance with that one trick you mentioned way back.

P.P.S. Sup Bakkot. U mad? U jelly?


Fuck this Earth, and fuck human biology. I’m not very distressed about anything I saw ITT, but there’s still a lot of unpleasant potential things that can only be resolved in one way:

I hereby pledge to get a real goddamn plastic card, not this Visa Electron bullshit the university saddled us with, and donate at least $100 to SIAI until the end of the year. This action will reduce the probability of me and mine having to live with the consequences of most such hidden horrors. Dixi.

Sometimes it’s so pleasant to be impulsive.

Amusing observation: even when the comments more or less match my wild suggestions above, I’m still unnerved by them. An awful idea feels harmless if you keep telling yourself that it’s just a private delusion, but the moment you know that someone else shares it, matters begin to look much more grave.