What are “the really good ideas” that Peter Thiel says are too dangerous to mention?

TYLER COWEN: Peter, tell me some­thing that’s true that ev­ery­one agrees with you on.

PETER THIEL: Well there are lots of things that are true that ev­ery­one agrees with me on. I think for ex­am­ple even this idea that the uni­ver­sity sys­tem is some­what screwed up and some­what bro­ken at this point....You know, the ideas that are re­ally con­tro­ver­sial are the ones I don’t even want to tell you. I want to be more care­ful than that. I gave you these halfway, in-be­tween ideas that are a lit­tle bit edgier.

But I will also go a lit­tle bit out on a limb: I think the monopoly idea, that the goal of ev­ery suc­cess­ful busi­ness is to have a monopoly, that’s on the bor­der of what I want to say. But the re­ally good ideas are way more dan­ger­ous than that.

Full in­ter­view. HT Quora.

What are some good an­swers and your guess as to his an­swer? Please ex­clude is­sues re­lat­ing to race and gen­der.