Up­dated Beliefs (ex­am­ples of)

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Updated Beliefs is a report of general beliefs or perspectives that one has substantially changed their mind about. A post on this may share what one used to think, what the new views are, and what caused the change. Sharing such accounts publicly is prosocial and allows others to learn from one’s experience too.

See also: Bayesianism, Changing Your Mind

This tag is specifically for changes in general beliefs about the world – what you believed before, what you believe now, and causes of the change. If a post focuses reporting actions and outcomes together with an evaluation of the choices/​thinking patterns used, then it is a good fit for Postmortems & Retrospectives. Central examples of Updated Beliefs posts are “‘Other people are wrong’ vs ‘I am right’” and “Six Economics Misconceptions”; in contrast, a central example of a Postmortems & Retrospectives post is “Arbital Postmortem”.

Six eco­nomics mis­con­cep­tions of mine which I’ve re­solved over the last few years

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“Other peo­ple are wrong” vs “I am right”

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Three ways CFAR has changed my view of rationality

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Where I’ve Changed My Mind on My Ap­proach to Spec­u­la­tive Causes

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Have you changed your mind lately? On what?

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Fibromyal­gia, Pain & De­pres­sion. How much is due to phys­i­cal mis­al­ign­ment?

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Oops on Com­mod­ity Prices

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Up­dates Thread

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Link: Re-read­ing Kah­ne­man’s Think­ing, Fast and Slow

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List of re­solved con­fu­sions about IDA

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Book Re­view: De­sign Prin­ci­ples of Biolog­i­cal Circuits

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Talk­ing Snakes: A Cau­tion­ary Tale

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[Question] Willing to share some words that changed your be­liefs/​be­hav­ior?

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My Bayesian Enlightenment

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Kelly *is* (just) about log­a­r­ith­mic utility

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[Question] If my pre­vi­ous re­search is wrong, what are my op­tions ?

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How feel­ing more se­cure feels differ­ent than I expected

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Ta­boo “Out­side View”

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What I’ve learned from Less Wrong

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Change A View: An in­ter­est­ing on­line community

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[Question] What are some ar­ti­cles that up­dated your be­liefs a lot on an im­por­tant topic?

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Mis­takes repository

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Alex Ir­pan: “My AI Timelines Have Sped Up”

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What false be­liefs have you held and why were you wrong?

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Types of Con­fu­sion Experiences

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Men­tal Ill­ness Is Not Ev­i­dence Against Abuse Allegations

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Knox and Sol­lecito freed

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Why could you be op­ti­mistic that the Sin­gu­lar­ity is Near?

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Ex­treme up­dat­ing: The devil is in the miss­ing details

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I Changed My Mind To­day—Canned Laughter

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Tech­nolog­i­cal stag­na­tion: Why I came around

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Leaky Del­e­ga­tion: You are not a Commodity

Darmani25 Jan 2021 2:04 UTC
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List a few posts in Main and/​or Dis­cus­sion which ac­tu­ally made you change your mind

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Posts I re­pent of

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Dear Self; We Need To Talk About So­cial Media

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