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Leigh Blyth BVM&S. Here to share my Base-Line Theory of Health and Movement—the key to better health. Grounded in some basic anatomy, the the 5 main muscles for a full range of natural movement, body alignment and balance. Hoping for some thoughts and feedback.

Pulse Oxime­try & the Oxy­gen–Hae­moglobin Dis­so­ci­a­tion Curve

leggi22 Mar 2020 7:05 UTC
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Phys­i­cal al­ign­ment—do you have it? Take a minute & check.

leggi5 Feb 2020 4:02 UTC
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Chakras & Qi—Old Sto­ries for the Base-Line Ex­pe­rience. Im­prove your phys­i­cal & men­tal health by con­nect­ing body and mind.

leggi8 Dec 2019 4:22 UTC
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The ‘5 Main Mus­cles of Move­ment’ Made Easy.

leggi7 Dec 2019 9:17 UTC
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A Good Pos­ture - Mus­cles & Self-Aware­ness.

leggi15 Nov 2019 9:19 UTC
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Fibromyal­gia, Pain & De­pres­sion. How much is due to phys­i­cal mis­al­ign­ment?

leggi29 Oct 2019 14:58 UTC
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[Question] Does the body have an al­most in­finite num­ber of po­ten­tial po­si­tions?

leggi19 Oct 2019 5:39 UTC
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Con­scious Pro­pri­o­cep­tion.

leggi4 Oct 2019 4:33 UTC
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The Five Main Mus­cles for a Full Range of Nat­u­ral Move­ment, Dy­namic Align­ment & Balance.

leggi1 Sep 2019 3:22 UTC
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Body Align­ment & Balance. Our Midline Anatomy & the Me­dian Plane.

leggi22 Aug 2019 10:24 UTC
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