[Question] Willing to share some words that changed your beliefs/​behavior?

I’m col­lect­ing data on pow­er­fully per­sua­sive speech acts; it’s part of a dan­gling thread of cu­ri­os­ity af­ter GPT-2 (a new and fairly pow­er­ful text gen­er­a­tion al­gorithm). I’m skep­ti­cal of the dan­ger of mind-warp­ing sen­tences as some­times pre­sented in fic­tion, or AI sce­nar­ios, and try­ing to get a sense of what the ter­ri­tory is like.

I’ve made a form to col­lect per­sonal ex­am­ples of things-some­one-said that caused you to se­ri­ously change some be­lief or be­hav­ior. An easy ex­am­ple would be if some­one de­clared that they love you, and this caused you to sud­denly de­vote a lot more (or a lot less!) time and at­ten­tion to them as a per­son.

If you have five min­utes, my goal for this form is 1000+ re­sponses and your own re­sponse(s) will help with that. All replies are anony­mous, and there’s a place for you to re­strict how the in­for­ma­tion is used/​state con­fi­den­tial­ity de­sires. You can also fill it out more than once if you want.

https://​​goo.gl/​​forms/​​39x3vJqNomAome382 is the link to the form, if you want to share with any­one else; I’m happy to have this spread around wher­ever.

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