Updates Thread

If you’ve up­dated your be­lief about some­thing you think is worth not­ing, post it here.

  • It doesn’t have to be a full blown “mind change”, just an in­cre­men­tal up­date to your be­liefs.

  • I’m think­ing it’d be good to have a low bar for what is “worth not­ing”. Even if it’s some­thing triv­ial, I figure that the act of dis­cussing up­dates it­self is benefi­cial. For ra­tio­nal­ity prac­tice, and for fun!

  • That said, I also ex­pect that brows­ing through up­dates that other peo­ple on LessWrong make will lead to read­ers mak­ing similar up­dates them­selves a de­cent amount of the time.

  • I’ve been de­vel­op­ing a strong opinion that jour­nal­ing and self-re­flec­tion in gen­eral is in­cred­ibly use­ful. Sig­nifi­cantly un­der­rated even among those that preach it. This thread is a way to perform such jour­nal­ing and self-re­flec­tion.