Change A View: An interesting online community

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I’ve re­cently stum­bled across the plat­form Change A View, which is a sub­red­dit that forked/​grad­u­ated to its own web­site that is cen­tered around the idea of peo­ple cre­at­ing posts in which they ask to have their mind changed. This tends to cre­ate a frame that en­ables much more healthy dis­course than most on­line dis­cus­sion.

Their new plat­form is cen­tered around the ideas of “deltas” which users can award to other users when their minds have been changed by them.

I’ve sur­fed around the site a bit and gen­er­ally found it pretty en­joy­able and figured other peo­ple might find it valuable to. It’s also an in­ter­est­ing for study­ing the psy­chol­ogy of what changes peo­ple’s minds and what fa­cil­i­tates good dis­course.