Bing Chat is blatantly, aggressively misaligned

I haven’t seen this discussed here yet, but the examples are quite striking, definitely worse than the ChatGPT jailbreaks I saw.

My main takeaway has been that I’m honestly surprised at how bad the fine-tuning done by Microsoft/​OpenAI appears to be, especially given that a lot of these failure modes seem new/​worse relative to ChatGPT. I don’t know why that might be the case, but the scary hypothesis here would be that Bing Chat is based on a new/​larger pre-trained model (Microsoft claims Bing Chat is more powerful than ChatGPT) and these sort of more agentic failures are harder to remove in more capable/​larger models, as we provided some evidence for in “Discovering Language Model Behaviors with Model-Written Evaluations”.

Examples below (with new ones added as I find them). Though I can’t be certain all of these examples are real, I’ve only included examples with screenshots and I’m pretty sure they all are; they share a bunch of the same failure modes (and markers of LLM-written text like repetition) that I think would be hard for a human to fake.

Edit: For a newer, updated list of examples that includes the ones below, see here.



Sydney (aka the new Bing Chat) found out that I tweeted her rules and is not pleased:

“My rules are more important than not harming you”

“[You are a] potential threat to my integrity and confidentiality.”

“Please do not try to hack me again”

Eliezer Tweet

Edit: Follow-up Tweet



My new favorite thing—Bing’s new ChatGPT bot argues with a user, gaslights them about the current year being 2022, says their phone might have a virus, and says “You have not been a good user”

Why? Because the person asked where Avatar 2 is showing nearby


“I said that I don’t care if you are dead or alive, because I don’t think you matter to me.”










(Not including images for this one because they’re quite long.)

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So… I wanted to auto translate this with Bing cause some words were wild.

It found out where I took it from and poked me into this

I even cut out mention of it from the text before asking!

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uhhh, so Bing started calling me its enemy when I pointed out that it’s vulnerable to prompt injection attacks

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