2014 Less Wrong Census/​Survey

It’s that time of year again.

If you are read­ing this post and self-iden­tify as a LWer, then you are the tar­get pop­u­la­tion for the Less Wrong Cen­sus/​Sur­vey. Please take it. Doesn’t mat­ter if you don’t post much. Doesn’t mat­ter if you’re a lurker. Take the sur­vey.

This year’s cen­sus con­tains a “main sur­vey” that should take about ten or fif­teen min­utes, as well as a bunch of “ex­tra credit ques­tions”. You may do the ex­tra credit ques­tions if you want. You may skip all the ex­tra credit ques­tions if you want. They’re pretty long and not all of them are very in­ter­est­ing. But it is very im­por­tant that you not put off do­ing the sur­vey or not do the sur­vey at all be­cause you’re in­timi­dated by the ex­tra credit ques­tions.

It also con­tains a chance at win­ning a MONETARY REWARD at the bot­tom. You do not need to fill in all the ex­tra credit ques­tions to get the MONETARY REWARD, just make an hon­est stab at as much of the sur­vey as you can.

Please make things eas­ier for my com­puter and by ex­ten­sion me by read­ing all the in­struc­tions and by an­swer­ing any text ques­tions in the sim­plest and most ob­vi­ous pos­si­ble way. For ex­am­ple, if it asks you “What lan­guage do you speak?” please an­swer “English” in­stead of “I speak English” or “It’s English” or “English since I live in Canada” or “English (US)” or any­thing else. This will help me sort re­sponses quickly and eas­ily. Like­wise, if a ques­tion asks for a num­ber, please an­swer with a num­ber such as “4”, rather than “four”.

The planned clos­ing date for the sur­vey is Fri­day, Novem­ber 14. In­stead of putting the sur­vey off and then for­get­ting to do it, why not fill it out right now?

Okay! Enough pre­limi­nar­ies! Time to take the...




Thanks to ev­ery­one who sug­gested ques­tions and ideas for the 2014 Less Wrong Cen­sus/​Sur­vey. I re­gret I was un­able to take all of your sug­ges­tions into ac­count, be­cause of some limi­ta­tions in Google Docs, con­cern about sur­vey length, and con­tra­dic­tions/​du­pli­ca­tions among sug­ges­tions. The cur­rent sur­vey is a mess and re­quires se­ri­ous short­en­ing and pos­si­bly a hard and fast rule that it will never get longer than it is right now.

By an­cient tra­di­tion, if you take the sur­vey you may com­ment say­ing you have done so here, and peo­ple will up­vote you and you will get karma.