Polling Thread

This is an ex­per­i­ment to use polls to tap into the crowd knowl­edge prob­a­bly pre­sent on LW.

This is your chance to ask your mul­ti­ple choice ques­tion you always wanted to throw in. Get qual­ified nu­meric feed­back to your com­ments. Post fun polls.

There are some rules:

  1. Each poll goes into its own top level com­ment and may be com­mented there.

  2. You must at least vote all polls that were posted ear­lier than you own. This en­sures par­ti­ci­pa­tion in all polls and also limits the to­tal num­ber of polls. You may of course vote with­out post­ing a poll.

  3. Your poll should in­clude a ‘don’t know’ op­tion (to avoid con­flict with 2). I don’t know whether we need to add a troll catch op­tion here but we will see.

If you don’t know how to make a poll in a com­ment look at the Poll Markup Help.

This be­ing an ex­per­i­ment I do not an­nounce it to be reg­u­lar. If it is suc­cess­ful I may. Or you may. In that case I recom­mend the fol­low­ing to make this po­ten­tially more us­able:

  • Use “Pol­ling Thread” in the ti­tle.

  • Copy the rules.

  • Add the tag “poll”.

  • Link to this Thread or a pre­vi­ous Thread.

  • Create a top-level com­ment say­ing ‘Dis­cus­sion of this thread goes here; all other to-level com­ments should be polls or similar’

  • Add a sec­ond top-level com­ment with an ini­tial poll to start par­ti­ci­pa­tion.

EDIT: Added recom­men­da­tions from KnaveOfAllTrades.